Here are a  few vocal sessions I've done 
Hey Now  ' Paul Young '
I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing  ' Aerosmith '
More Than A Feeling  '  Boston '   
Rebel Yell  ' Billy Idol ' 
Sharp Dressed Man  ' ZZ Top '
Electricity  ' Elton John '
Walk This Way  ' Aerosmith 
Wire To Wire  ' Razorlight '
Gotta Be Somebody   ' Nickelback '
Back In Black ' AC  DC '
Bandoleo ' Gypsy Kings '
Behind Blue Eyes ' Limp Bizkit
Hells Bells ' AC  DC '
Runaway Train   ' AC  DC '
Vocal Showreel Medley  Various
Vocal Showreel Medley Jingle work
Vocal Showreels 

            Client References

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​“David is a consummate professional vocalist. A powerfully dynamic voice. He has worked on several projects for me and always delivers.”

- Andrew Bissell

(615) 585-0685


​" David is the ultimate session singer! Any style from hiphop to a 1930's crooner, he comes up with the goods EVERY time. A talented producer, he turns jobs around extremely quickly and professionally, which is vital especially in the jingle business .His knowledge of harmony and genre are second to none which always result in great vocal arrangements. It's always a treat getting vocals from David, my first choice singer every time!"

- Maurice Cheetham

23, Burbo Mansions
Burbo Bank Road South
L23 6SP UK


​David's talent and professionally has been invaluable to my work. Not only is he able to perfectly deliver the perfect vocal performance every time, he can also manage the production and engineering at his own studio, which is extremely advantageous this day and age."

"David's amazing work can be heard on the Latin Collection pack."

- Geoff Smith



​Hello Fellow Talent Lovers !

Like to say simply this, David Saylor is an amazing singer writer performer and player. My Jingle production company was ever so fortunate to have crossed paths as David has been able to do outstanding vocals for us. In the last 5 years he has been a first call singer for a good percentage of our male vocal work. Not only is he so talented, so are other members of his family and female singing partners who have also done female vocal work for us. Pros.!
Any style you need or want , original or sound- like, they are all masters! David has original music CD's, is all over Youtube too, great stuff ! I would say look no further, !
- Bucky Harris

Production Director


​"David Saylor is a huge asset to our company, Pure Vocals. His vocals are always professionally done and on time. We highly recommend him!"

- Tiffany Casto


​"David allways gives a fantastic performance and is very co-operative with any ideas we give him - a great singer!"

- Steve England

Overton Bank House
Overton Bank
ST13 5ES


​"David sang on a demo that I co-wrote with another songwriter and when he started singing both our jaws dropped! He was awesome! Very professional and easy going. We will be working with him again in the the future."

John Geraghty - From a happy songwriter and producer.
Vocal Showreel Spanish Various
Movie & TV Songs 
Jungle Book  ' I Wanna Be Like You'
Grease    ' Grease Is The Word '
Cinderella  ' Bibidi babidi boo '
The Lion King   ' Hakuna Matata '
      Scooby Doo   ' Theme Tune ''
Toy Story   '  You Got A Friend In Me '
Sting  ' Every Breath You Take '
Bee Gees  ' Staying Alive "
James Bond Theme Songs
License To Kill 
Living Daylights
Live And Let Die 
There's a saying ," It's not only what you say, its how you say it . As for music, David Saylor's outstanding vocals give a unique character with feeling and life to all the songs he sings. When David sings, it's... Hearing is believing . I highly recommend David Saylor.

Michael Dubacher Songwriter/Producer . Connecticut USA.
​      Because You Loved Me​
Celine Dion & David A Saylor

Sweet Child of  Mine 'Guns & Roses'
TROY Movie  ' Remember Me '
Rod Stewart Maggie May
Iron Maiden  Number of the Beast 
Spanish Songs 
       Enrique Iglesias
​ 'Donde Estan Corazon'
Juanes 'Gotas de Lluvia '
      Writing On The Wall 
You Know My Name text.
A View To A Kill 
Journey 'Open Arms  '
Audioslave 'Cochise'
Kansas 'Carry On Wayward ' 
Curtis Stigers 'I Wonder Why '